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Dear Gentle Reader,

We have created this website and blog for my mother, Roxann, who for many years now has been undergoing a spiritual, moral and personal dilemma of which she has faced in the community where she lives. It is our hope to bring awareness and attention to this difficult issue in our communities, and to have an open forum for sharing with others who may have found themselves also, dealing with this dilemma.

The dilemma of which we are speaking about is the mistreatment and abuse of Animals, specifically in this case the problem of domestic animals that become Feral living in the wild, such as Feral Cats.

Even though the state of the world is excruciatingly difficult, during these times, such as the mistreatment of many global citizens of human beings, it is in our opinion, and is backed up statistically, when human beings are living in squalor, poverty and unable to receive education or other privileges that support the well-being of the individual, that human being is much more violent not only to other human beings, but also incredibly cruel to animals. Clearly we have a huge problem with the cruelty that is generated towards humanity on our planet, and within this problem, a subsidiary byproduct is generated from that lack of human dignity supported in our society. This byproduct is passed on to the treatment and attitude that many people have towards animals, and especially the unwanted or undesirable ones, such as the Feral Cats that are living in Oregon.

The State of Oregon has a big problem with Feral Cats. Many of these Oregon communities do not have the support or infrastructure such as “Animal Control” that is capable with appropriate funding to cope with the “feral cat problem”, short of rapidly putting these animals to death, without an option for life.

 What does this have to do with my mother Roxann? Well , everything at this stage in her life.

My mom is a senior,  mildly disabled ( unable to do labor intensive work) and living on fixed income. Several years back, when she moved from California to Oregon she noticed a remarkable shift in the attitude towards feral animals in the area, and that they had become such a nuisance, the local people were killing kittens and cats, as easy as if it was just killing on a video game. Throwing kittens in a bag in the river, shooting cats with .22 rifles, kicking animals to death, putting firecrackers in their rectum so they would explode, was not uncommon. My mother, a lover of all of God’s creatures, was absolutely horrified, and her heart and soul was wrung out at the thought of such horrific cruelty being directed to any living thing, and in this case for her, it was the Feral Cats in her neighborhood.

She called many local authorities to find out what resources were available to her to help these local feral animals, and there was not any forthcoming answer, just a shrug, and no helpful answers. If she reported these animals they would be caught and killed immediately. This created a great moral and spiritual dilemma, as my mother did not want to be directly responsible for killing anything.

So she thought, what can I do? And she arrived at the first productive action, which would be to try to catch these wild cats herself, and get them neutered,( as they were reproducing like rabbits), creating more and more feral cats, living in the wild. She found a local animal clinic that would perform discounted neutering, but still the amount of cats she needed to catch and bring in herself and pay this out of her own pocket, was very hard on her small fixed income. Many nights she prayed and asked God to help her find the money to take the cats for the neuter surgery and give other cats that clearly needed medical attention, ( such as bacterial infections in their eyes, etc.) the help that they needed.

As my mother took care of these local feral cats, clearly the “silent” word got around in the cat and kitten community, that there was a cat “safe house” in the neighborhood. Much to my mother’s dismay, more wild cats started showing up in her yard, which only increased her job, and her dilemma! If she took care of the cats, they would show up at her house, and she would then become this “ senior cat woman” that she did not want to be branded in her community. At the same time, she could not allow these cats to be sick, hungry or thirsty, so in order for her to sleep at night, she decided she would leave food and water outside, in the yard. More and more cats would show up, and she worked very hard to catch them, to get them neutered, and try to give them some support to have a decent quality life.

When the bitter cold Oregon winter season came, she allowed her garage to be a shelter from the freezing cold. Once she let them in, of course they knew they could go somewhere from out of the cold, and they of course never left.

As her daughter, living long distance from her,  I have listened to many heart-wrenching stories of her dilemma with the cats, of which it seemed we could not really find a productive answer. Neither of us have the finances to buy land for a cat shelter, or to figure out how she could correct or handle this problem with the feral cats. Now they know her and trust her, so many are still not suitable for personal pets, however they have come to choose her as their friend and supporter. I know in my heart, my mom has done the best she can to address this difficult issue, with little help or support.

This website is an exploration of ideas, sharing stories, and finding resources that can help to deal with this problem of feral cats, and the attitudes of which living creatures are dispensed and easily discarded, because of humanities own negligence and mistreatment of animals. We believe this issue is created from human beings not valuing life, or valuing the planet’s creatures. Feral Cats is a result of human beings abandoning cats and not taking responsibility for neutering or caring for an animal that they have had once as a pet. A living creature is not something that can be “ thrown away” as a consumer item. Education about self-responsibility, taking care of animals ( esp. when a young child wants a pet), and giving value to life, are all issues humanity requires to be re-educated to living as humane and sane beings.

Thanks for dropping by our website, and we thank you for reading and contributing to our comments. Lovingmycats.com is dedicated to my mother, Roxann, who has worked very hard within her small means to do all she can to help the Feral Cats in her neighborhood. We hope this website and sharing this issue gives her ( My mom) an avenue of support, awareness and exploring different ways she can solve this problem in her own home and community. Your helpful or supportive suggestions are always Welcome!

Thank you!

A Concerned Daughter